Combine Objects

Combine objects together for downstream analysis, usually done after object filtering.

object_composition(img, contours, hierarchy, device, debug=None)

returns device, grouped object, image mask

  • Parameters:
    • contours- object list
    • device- device number. Used to count steps in the pipeline
    • debug - None, "print", or "plot". Print = save to file, Plot = print to screen. Default = None
  • Context:
    • This function combines objects together. This is important for downstream analysis of shape characteristics, if plant objects are not combined then one plant can appear to be many different objects.
  • Example use:

Original image


Highlighted contours


from plantcv import plantcv as pcv

# Combine objects so downstream analysis can be run on a single plant object
device, obj, mask = pcv.object_composition(img, roi_objects, hierarchy, device, debug="print")

Combined contours