Get NIR Images

Gets NIR image that matches VIS image

get_nir(path, filename, device, debug)

returns device, nir_path

  • Parameters:
    • path - path to base image (vis image) to match
    • filename - filename of base image (vis image) to match
    • device - Counter for image processing steps
    • debug - None, "print", or "plot". Print = save to file, Plot = print to screen. Default = None
  • Context:

    • This is a function that is likely only useful for those with multiple camera types. We use this function to find the matching NIR image to a VIS image, that is found in the same directory but which contains multiple images (regex). Would need to be modified for different file naming structure / image types / file structures.
  • Example use:

  • Use in VIS/NIR Tutorial
from plantcv import plantcv as pcv

# Get NIR image

device, nir_path= pcv.get_nir(/home/images/sorghum/snapshot1, VIS_SV_90_z300_h1_g0_e85_v500_86939.png, device, debug="print")