plantcv.print_results is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

An Outputs class has been added that automatically stores measurements collected by the following functions:

  • analyze_bound_horizontal
  • analyze_bound_vertical
  • analyze_color
  • analyze_nir_intensity
  • analyze_object
  • analyze_thermal_values
  • fluor_fvfm
  • hyperspectral.analyze_index
  • hyperspectral.analyze_spectral
  • morphology.check_cycles
  • morphology.segment_angle
  • morphology.segment_curvature
  • morphology.segment_euclidean_length
  • morphology.segment_insertion_angle
  • morphology.segment_path_length
  • morphology.segment_tangent_angle
  • report_size_marker_area
  • watershed

Users can also add measurements to the Outputs class with the pcv.outputs.add_observation method.

The print_results function will take the measurements stored when running any (or all) of these functions, format, and print an output .json file for data analysis.


returns none

  • Parameters:
    • filename- Name of results text file
  • Context:
    • Print out a result file containing all measurements recorded by functions included in the workflow for each image processed.
  • Example use:
from plantcv import plantcv as pcv

# Read in image
img, path, img_filename = pcv.readimage("home/user/images/test-image.png")

######### Workflow steps here 


Source Code: Here