Visualize Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function

This is a visualization method used to examine the distribution of object sizes. It is an alternative to histogram visualization.

plantcv.visualize.ecdf.obj_size(mask, title=None) returns fig_ecdf

  • Parameters:
    • mask - Binary mask made from selected contours (default mask=None).
    • title - The title for the ecdf plot (default title=None)

Context: - Examine the cumulative distribution of object sizes found in a binary mask. This can be used as an alternative to histogram visualization. - The y-axis presents the cumulative probability (range: [0,1]).
- The x-axis presents the object area in common log-scale (logarithm with base 10)

  • Example use:
    • Below

Binary mask


from plantcv import plantcv as pcv
pcv.params.debug = "plot"
fig_ecdf = pcv.visualize.ecdf.obj_size(mask=mask)

Cumulative distribution of object sizes


Source Code: Here