Analyze a Hyperspectral Index

This function calculates the hyperspectral index statistics and writes the values as observations out to the Outputs class.

plantcv.hyperspectral.analyze_index(index_array, mask)

returns None

  • Parameters:
  • Context:
    • Calculates data about mean, median, and standard deviation of an input index within a masked region.
  • Example use:
    • Below
  • Output data stored: Mean, median, and standard deviation of the index automatically gets stored to the Outputs class when this function is ran. These data can always get accessed during a workflow (example below). For more detail about data output see Summary of Output Observations

from plantcv import plantcv as pcv

pcv.hyperspectral.analyze_index(index_array=ndvi_index, mask=leaf_mask)

NDVI Index Image


Binary Mask