Job Builder

The job builder step in PlantCV Workflow Parallelization builds a list of image processing jobs.

plantcv.parallel.job_builder(meta, valid_meta, workflow, job_dir, out_dir, coprocess=None, other_args="", writeimg=False)

returns none

  • Parameters:
    • meta - Dictionary of processed image metadata
    • valid_meta - Dictionary of valid metadata keys
    • workflow - PlantCV image processing workflow script file
    • job_dir - Intermediate file output directory
    • out_dir - Output images directory
    • coprocess - Coprocess the specified imgtype with the imgtype specified in meta_filters (default: None)
    • other_args - String of additional arguments to be passed to the workflow script (default: "")
    • writeimg - Boolean that specifies whether output images should be created or not (default: False)
  • Context:

Source Code: Here