Metadata Parser

Reads metadata the from the input data directory.

plantcv.parallel.metadata_parser(data_dir, meta_fields, valid_meta, meta_filters, date_format, start_date, end_date, error_log, delimiter="_", file_type="png", coprocess=None)

returns jobcount (number of processing jobs), and meta (dictionary of image metadata, one entry per image to be processed)

  • Parameters:
    • data_dir - Input data directory
    • meta_fields - Dictionary of image filename metadata fields and index positions
    • valid_meta - Dictionary of valid metadata keys
    • meta_filters - Dictionary of metadata filters (key-value pairs)
    • date_format - Date format code for timestamp metadata to use with strptime
    • start_date - Analysis start date in Unix time
    • end_date - Analysis end date in Unix time
    • error_log - Error log filehandle object
    • delimiter - Filename metadata delimiter string or regular expression pattern (default: "_")
    • file_type - Image filetype extension (default: "png")
    • coprocess - Coprocess the specified imgtype with the imgtype specified in meta_filters (default: None)
  • Context:

Source Code: Here