Welcome to the documentation for PlantCV

Getting started

PlantCV is composed of modular functions in order to be applicable to a variety of plant types and imaging systems. In the following documentation we will describe use of each function and provide tutorials on how each function is used in the context of an overall image-processing pipeline. The initial release of PlantCV contains base functions that are required to examine images from an excitation imaging fluorometer (PSII), visible spectrum camera (VIS), and near-infrared camera (NIR). We are continuing to develop PlantCV and encourage input from the greater plant phenomics community. Please post questions and comments HERE.

Note: At the Danforth Center we refer to our excitation imaging fluorometer (PSII) camera system as 'FLU' internally. But others have previously published on their steady-state fluorescence imaging systems (a different type of fluorescence imaging system) and referred to it as 'FLU'. We are working to make the naming changes of our functions from 'FLU' to 'PSII' to try and prevent further confusion.

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