Canny Edge Detection

Creates a binary image of edges from an RGB or grayscale image using a Canny filter from skimage.

plantcv.canny_edge_detect(img, mask=None, sigma=1.0, low_thresh=None, high_thresh=None, thickness=1, mask_color=None, use_quantiles=False)

returns binary image

  • Parameters:

    • img - RGB or grayscale image data
    • mask - Optional mask to limit the application of Canny to a certain area, takes a binary img.
    • sigma - Optional standard deviation of the Gaussian filter
    • low_thresh - Optional lower bound for hysteresis thresholding (linking edges). If None (default) then low_thresh is set to 10% of the image's max
    • high_thresh - Optional upper bound for hysteresis thresholding (linking edges). If None (default) then high_thresh is set to 20% of the image's max
    • thickness - Optional integer thickness of the edges, default thickness=1
    • mask_color - Color of the mask provided; either None (default), 'white', or 'black' (cannot be None if mask is provided)
    • use_quantiles - Default is False, if True then treat low_thresh and high_thresh as quantiles of the edge magnitude image, rather than the absolute edge magnitude values. If True then thresholds must be within the range [0, 1].
  • Context:

    • Edge filter using the Canny algorithm
  • Example use:

Original image


from plantcv import plantcv as pcv

# Set global debug behavior to None (default), "print" (to file), 
# or "plot" (Jupyter Notebooks or X11)
pcv.params.debug = "plot"

# Create binary image of edges.
edges = pcv.canny_edge_detect(img)

# Lower sigma value to pick up more edges
edges2 = pcv.canny_edge_detect(img=img, sigma=0.1)

Default Canny Edge Detection


Canny Edge Detection, sigma=0.1


Source Code: Here