Check whether an object is completely within an image

This function tests whether an object (defined as nonzero pixels in a mask) falls completely within the bounds of an image or if it touches the edge.


returns in_bounds

  • Parameters:

    • mask = a single channel image (i.e. binary or greyscale)
  • Context:

    • This function could be used to test whether the plant has grown outside the field of view.
  • Output data stored: Data ('in_bounds') automatically gets stored to the Outputs class when this function is ran. These data can always get accessed during a workflow (example below). For more detail about data output see Summary of Output Observations

  • Example use:

from plantcv import plantcv as pcv      

img, path, img_filename = pcv.readimage("home/user/images/test-image.tif")
gray_img = pcv.rgb2gray_lab(img,'a')
mask = pcv.threshold.binary(gray_img, 36, 255, 'light')
in_bounds = pcv.within_frame(mask)  #True or False?