Create a Labeled Color Card Mask

Creates a uniquely labeled mask for each color chip based on user-defined positioning.

plantcv.transform.create_color_card_mask((rgb_img, radius, start_coord, spacing, nrows, ncols, exclude=[])

returns mask

  • Parameters
    • rgb_img - Input RGB image data containing a color card.
    • radius - Radius of color masks.
    • start_coord - Two-element tuple of the first chip mask starting x and y coordinate.
    • spacing - Two-element tuple of the horizontal and vertical spacing between chip masks.
    • nrows - Number of chip rows.
    • ncols - Number of chip columns.
    • exclude - Optional list of chips to exclude.
  • Returns
    • mask - Labeled mask of chips. The first chip is labeled with the value 0, then 10, 20, and so on.
from plantcv import plantcv as pcv

rgb_img, path, filename = pcv.readimage("target_img.png")

mask = pcv.transform.create_color_card_mask(rgb_img=img, radius=10, start_coord=(400,600), spacing=(30,30), ncols=6, nrows=4)

Image with color card


Image with color chip ROIs


Color card mask


Source Code: Here