class Objects

A PlantCV data object class.

class plantcv.Objects

Objects is a class that is used to manage image contours/objects and their hierarchical relationships. These attributes are used internally by PlantCV functions but also can be utilized by users.


Attributes are accessed as Objects.attribute.

contours: A list of contours (all the points that form the outline of a shape. Based on OpenCV contours)

hierarchy: A list of hierarchies (An array that contains the relationship between contours. Based on OpenCV hierarchies)


save(self, filename): Save objects to a file.

load(filename): Load objects from a file.

append(contour, h): Append a contour and hierarchy to the Objects instance.


PlantCV functions from the roi sub-package use Objects implicitly.

from plantcv import plantcv as pcv

# Make a grid of ROIs 
roi_objects = pcv.roi.multi(img=img1, coord=(25,120), radius=20, 
                                      spacing=(70, 70), nrows=3, ncols=6)"test.npz")

roi_object_copy = Objects.load(filename="test.npz")

Source Code: Here