Transformation Matrix

Computes the transformation matrix for application to a source image to transform it to the target color profile.

plantcv.transform.calc_transformation_matrix(matrix_m, matrix_b)

returns deviance, transformation_matrix

  • Parameters

    • matrix_m - a 9 x n Moore-Penrose inverse matrix
    • matrix_b - a n x 9 matrix of linear, quadratic, and cubic RGB values from target_img
  • Returns

    • 1-t_det - "deviance" the measure of how greatly the source image deviates from the target image's color space. Two images of the same color space should have a deviance of ~0.
    • transformation_matrix - a 9x9 matrix of linear, square, and cubic transformation coefficients
  • Example use:

from plantcv import plantcv as pcv

deviance, transformation_matrix = pcv.transform.calc_transformation_matrix(matrix_m=matrix_m, matrix_b=matrix_b)

Source Code: Here