Process Results

Process a directory of results files from running PlantCV over as many images as needed and create a formatted, concatenated data output file.

plantcv.parallel.process_results(job_dir, json_file)

returns none

  • Parameters:
    • job_dir - Path of the job directory
    • json_file - Path and name of the output combined json file
  • Context:
    • This step is built into the PlantCV Workflow Parallelization feature. Each image will likely print hierarchical data files if print_results is a step in the workflow but the process_results step takes place after all images have been analyzed and combines these single image data files into one text file that can be used as input for the json2csv function.
  • Example use:
    • Below
from plantcv import parallel 

# Read in image
parallel.process_results(job_dir="home/user/parallel_results", json_file="combined_output.txt")

Source Code: Here